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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold, Windy, BLUSTERY

It is days and night like these that I am wondering WHY I ever began this whole homesteading adventure. SIGH ...

Let me sum it up for you:
Goat pregnant, due any time, prolapsed uterus, must watch... Did I mention it's COLD - So I sit in her stall, bundled up, waiting for the blessed event. It doesn't come - get up at 3 to check on her, bundle up, no kid. Next morning, bundle up, feed animals, still no kid. During the day, bundle up go check on her no kid. And this routine continued for 3 nights.

NO I DIDN'T PLAN ON HER KIDDING IN DECEMBER - It was a buck break in - OK, well 2 broke in so now I have to have a DNA test run.

Did I mention I had 3 doelings hit the ground (buck break-in) 2 weeks ago, so I ran out and bought them all little sweaters.

OH, has she had the kid(s) you ask... NOOOO at least not when I left for work this am.

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