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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Selling Nigerian Dwarf Goats

If this one post helps anyone, my pathetic little blog will be worth it.
It's not pathetic ... I'm pathetic because I just can't seem to be a faithful blogger.

If you choose to sell goats to boost income for your property like we did, get good quality goats right off the bat.

What you need to know:
- First, make sure you research owning and caring for goats...It's not easy!
- If you decide to sell your little goat babies, DO NOT SELL KIDS UNDER 3 WEEKS OLD.
Even if they tell you they are the bestest goat people evah... and have bottle fed hundreds of kids...
- Have a sales terms page i.e., stating you are not responsible for goat once it leaves your property. People will not care for them properly and a week later they are calling you for a refund.
- Keep excellent records of births - when bred - who bred - pictures of kids - etc... when lots of babies are hitting the ground, you can get confused.
- Wether your boys. Keep the best to sell, then wether the rest.
- If you don't know what a wether is ... do more goatie research.

This is not my most thought out post, nor witty... It's just been a bad breeding season and I am still trying to recover from it.

This website is one of the BEST goat sites I have ever found.

Just make sure if you use their info, you kick them some cash for their efforts.