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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Goat Stand - YAY

I have been wanting to build or should I say waiting on my husband to build me a Stanchion for ... well about a year. So I decide to enlist the help of a friend and build it myself.


I have the directions on how to make this ... just message me if you want them.
It took my friend Allison and I 2.5 hours to make it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stuart Litte 1 ~ Me 0

So, he's cute and yuck ... a mouse ... I said a rat, but my husband corrected me "he's just a small mouse".
However, I'm the one bleaching everything when I see he has appeared.

My plan "the glue traps"! THEY WORK. Believe it or not, (I'm kind of embarrassed mentioning this) I have tried the 'humane traps' they DON'T work. The mice that have made their way into the house I swear have a PHD in evasion.

It started this morning... I come down stairs and check my glue traps. The first 3 empty, the last one - "MOM, I CAUGHT STUART" - first epic fail, NEVER name the rodents.
Mom says, "is he still alive? I said, I don't think so I just saw him then shut the door. She said "you have to go save him". "Mom, he's glued to the trap, there is no saving him. Anyway, Dan is going to have to get him when he gets home...I can't do it."
I know ... what kind of a farm girl am I ... I know ... So I go upstairs, get dressed, and well... Man up!
I grab a bag and decide I've got to get him. I open the door and Stuart JUMPS and drags the glue pad with him. "AHHHHH, Mom he's still alive... I can't do it!! Barbara Lee, you HAVE to do it, he could starve to death!!" WHAT ??? Mom, it's a rat ...

Shut the door ... Leave for work ...

Dan calls me, "where's the mouse" I tell him "nope, not there" WHAT? "looks like he chewed himself out of the trap, trap there, Stuarts gone" WHAT???

Yep... I said, "well he deserves to be free if he went through all that".

Sigh ...... I don't know if I'm pathetic or cute for the fact I still can't dispatch a mouse ;/