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Monday, January 28, 2013

I can SMELL Spring!!

So if you're not going to give me snow to play in ... GIVE ME SPRING!
I am so excited to get my gardens started again.
I am going to be making some changes this year. ALL of my garden will be RAISED BEDS!
I had 4 raised beds last year but it was not enough... WEEDING was out of control.
I'm also going to be moving my herb garden closer to the house and will be adding
medicinal herbs to the mix. SO EXCITED!

I am preparing by getting all my tools sharpened (thanks honey) and
purchasing in increments the 2x6's I need to make additional raised beds.
I have pages dog eared of what I am buying and I already have a bunch of seeds
just ready to be planted!

News on the goat front:
Oh my goodness ... the Lord has blessed me with some BEAUTIFUL kids this year.
My favorite so far is a buckling ... yes a buckling! He is blue eyed and polled and just has amazing colors.

We have been blessed.