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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sad Week :(

We had major storms come through here this week. Many people down in Alabama lost their lives due to tornado's. We lost our horse Jaxx :( both our horses were struck by lightning. Jaxx was killed instantly and Gabriella is still hanging in there. She is blind in one eye, we don't think she can hear out of one ear, and has partial paralysis in her lip. It is all so very sad.

The goats came through fine - other than their stalls flooding.

We will continue praying for Gabby and hope she recovers.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Alli and I in the kitchen.

Boy I wish I had taken a picture of the mess created by letting Alli help me
make the pancakes this morning. She loved it :) It was worth the gigantic mess.
We made 'clean and healthy' banana blueberry pancakes ~ they were DE-lish.
Topped with a little Agava Nectar and we have a yummy little breakfast.

The baby kids are settling in GREAT. They are not getting kicked around like
they were at first. I think keeping the seperate from the does early on, and not
forcing them on each other really helped.  Now they roam like part of the herd.
I will be having to seperate them once they become 'bucky'.
Miss Kiddy is due in about 3 weeks. Total guess !! We shall see.

Garden plot is tilled now, and I am just about ready to start planting. Yes, I'm
late but ... Well life called ...

Happy Good Friday all ~ I am so unworthy of His sacrafice, yet so THANKFUL
for it as well.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I know you've heard of Buy One Get One Free - But I bought one goat and got a goat free :)
Now that is a BOGO :)

See the handsome boys below: