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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winterizing the Farm

Well it is that time of year when we should be taking steps to winterize the farm.
The honey-do-list is long, but we have been knocking it out over the past few weekends.

* Add lights and heating lamps to the chicken coop. We did this last weekend and have already seen an increase in egg production.

* Add heating lamps for the girl goats and an extra layer of straw. We also added an extra tarp to the boys house and stacked up the straw inside nice and thick for them too.

* We will be checking for drafty areas in our stall and patching them up. Chickens DON'T like to be cold.

* Got out the water de-icers.

* Wash horse blanket and goat sweaters

* Stock up on hay and straw while it is still relatively inexpensive.

Side not from winterizing: The chickens are rummaging through our compost pile. I will have to build some sort of enclosure for it because they are eating all the worms :(

Our goal this year is to have a Greenhouse built and ready for plants by February. I would really like to increase our growing season.