About Old West's Farms & the Animals

About me ... Yawn

I grew up in the once small town of Brandon Florida ~ We always vacationed here in Tennessee and had dreams of moving here one day. Dreams do come true ~ because we are here. High atop a foothill on 45 acres ~ we are blessed. My husband and I have decided to live as much off the land as we can...

First problem, I have never grown a thing until a year ago. I take that back, I grew rose bushes, and had a couple pepper plants in Florida. Oh, and the occassional science project that had gotten pushed to the back of the fridge. But other than that... Nope, nothin !! This is our journey in becoming more self-sufficient. I say "our journey" but you will never read directly from my husband. Blog? Text? He thinks this stuff is ridiculous. No, he's not that old~just ummmm...traditional, yes, traditional.

It has not been an easy transition from city life to country life, but there have been moments that have been so rewarding. God willing, I hope to help new homesteaders avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered and maybe even enlighten others as to the good stuff we've done!

I am a Christian, as in Christ follower first and foremost. I have been bought and paid for through the blood of Christ. I am a Conservative, not Republican, but conservative... there is a difference now :-)

Hope you enjoy it :-)