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Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring ... Garden ... Chickens ... Kids

Bring it on ...

So excited to get my garden going. THIS year I will work hard to make it a success!! THIS year I have tripled it size and will be bringing in 3 other women to help with the up keep it and share in the bounty.

Then chickens ... SO VERY EXCITED about them.

and more cute Nigerian kids ... Need to sell some of them.

It is begining to look more like a homestead around here. We have been working to keep the property maintained and clean.

I'm just excited to be checking some things off the list.

Now ... we need a new president!! OH, where did that come from (:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chickens ... Chickens ... Chickens YAY!!

A real HOMESTEADER... With chickens and ALL!! Woot Woot!!
Hubby has finally given it :) 

I already have the breeds picked out.
I want a couple Rhode Island Reds, some Black Sex Links, Australorp's and may a few Ameraucana's.

So excited.

Now we just have to build some laying boxes and the ramp to the coop.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Belle Stars Babies...3 doelings... YAY

3 doelings all doing well.

Tough Kidding Week -

Really tough week with kidding:

RIP Scarlett O'Hara - She had problems with a prolapse, then couldn't kid. Took her to the vet and both her kids were dead inside her. After the vet delivered the kids, I took her home to recover. Sadly, she died during the night :(  So sad.

Then Calamity Jane kidded 2 really big healthy kids, I was very happy ... then while I cleaned out her stall I discovered another kid still in the sack dead. :(  It too was a big healthy looking kid ... So sad :(  but God gave me 2 healthy kids and Jane is doing well too ... Thank you Lord!

I am going to begin taking extra precautions with Selenium and Vit. E shots.

I will be sending in the DNA samples on Belle Starr's triplets, but I am 90% sure they are Jessie James.
We shall see...

Blessings to all ... Jesus loves YOU ~ He came here, fully man, fully God and died on the cross for you...So that one day you would have the choice to chose Him and spend eternity in Heaven with Him or chose to be ETERNALLY separated from Him.

If you have any questions about salvation or Jesus, please feel free to write me.