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Friday, April 22, 2011

Alli and I in the kitchen.

Boy I wish I had taken a picture of the mess created by letting Alli help me
make the pancakes this morning. She loved it :) It was worth the gigantic mess.
We made 'clean and healthy' banana blueberry pancakes ~ they were DE-lish.
Topped with a little Agava Nectar and we have a yummy little breakfast.

The baby kids are settling in GREAT. They are not getting kicked around like
they were at first. I think keeping the seperate from the does early on, and not
forcing them on each other really helped.  Now they roam like part of the herd.
I will be having to seperate them once they become 'bucky'.
Miss Kiddy is due in about 3 weeks. Total guess !! We shall see.

Garden plot is tilled now, and I am just about ready to start planting. Yes, I'm
late but ... Well life called ...

Happy Good Friday all ~ I am so unworthy of His sacrafice, yet so THANKFUL
for it as well.

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