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Friday, January 6, 2012

Who needs the gym :O

I have discovered an EXCELLENT work out called "Catch the baby Goats": It includes, running, jumping, squats, lunges, dive rolls, yelling, and jumping over tables, At the end of 35 minutes you will be sweating, huffing and puffing, your heart rate will be up AND hopefully you will have 3 baby goats in the back of your car :D

>/ Oh the joys ... they are really cute and the people at the vets office just LOVED them.

OK, so I have goats ... made mistakes with goats ... lots of them ... And this is AFTER I researched owning them for 4 months before buying any.

So if you are interested in goats, ask me ... I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.
Or if your stuborn ... hehe  learn on your own :D

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