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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winterizing the Farm

It's that time of year ... FALL!! My absolute favorite time of the year.
Right now, it feels more like winter, so what better time to pull out the
"honey do list" for winterizing the farm and home.

1. Caulk all windows and check doors for drafts

2. Inspect your barn and chicken coop. Look for drafty spots, boards that need replace.
    - Clean out all bedding
    - Bleach/Vinegar spray out the barn
    - Once dry, sprinkle DE everywhere and lay down new fresh bedding

3. I love taking this time to plant my bulbs, and protect any outdoor plants with extra leaves.

4. Tractor and mowers and any other equipment that won't be used for winter... Drain fuel, sharpen     blades and get it into tip top shape!! Gas cans - add Stable to them!

5. Purchase pipe warmers and disconnect any hoses you won't be using. Cover all water pipes, etc...

6. Animals ... time to take care of your babies. Goat housing, blankets, heating lamps, sweaters, break it out!! They will need lots of extra hay to keep warm too!!

7. Oh my...so much more!

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