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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breeding Season ~ Summer beds

Fall, I  LOVE  LOVE  LOVE  fall !!  Above is my brother and sister in my backyard.

October is a busy month on the farm, of course I am still recovering from my "girl" surgery, none-the-less the work must continue.

It's breeding season for the goats, so all my 'kids' are running around jacked up on their hormones.  I have chosen to give the girls a few extra months off.  I will breed them in late December.

Thanks to the cooler weather it is time to fix things that have been broken over the summer, chop up downed trees, and rehabilitate the soil from the summer garden.
Did you square foot garden this year ??  Loved it ... If you have a large area for gardening or small, square foot gardening saves LOTS of time.
Test your garden soil to figure out exactly what it needs and give it to it... Till it up and leave it until next year.

Have you noticed how old time traditions are making a come back? Canning, knitting, gardening, home-schooling, root cellars, bread making, etc...  Don't you find this interesting ??  I personally believe it stems from Americans waking up to the fact that our government is imposing itself on our freedoms and the uncertainty of our declining economy. Is that an oxymoron 'American's waking up'? 

Anyhoo, before I get on a political rant I will bid you all farewell and pray that you have a Spirit filled day !!

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  1. America is a sleeping giant! Love doing things the old way!