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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My New Roomate ~ Mommy is here !!

The long awaited day has arrived, the construction is done, and Mom has arrived.

My sister Dede drove her up last week and thankfully stayed for 8 days helping to arrange,
arrange...well EVERYTHING !! Dede does nothing half way ~ I still feel the whip marks on my
back - we worked from sun up to sun down getting all Mom's things put away, pictures hung, knick knacks arranged just so. Whew ... tired ...

We just dropped De off at the airport and Mom and I are sitting across the table not knowing what to do without the drill sargent here.

On the farm front, Annie is SO big. Her due date is July 28th, poor little girl looks so big I hope she only has one baby in there ... I don't want my sweet heart struggling with 2 on her first go around. When she was being born I had to "help" Miss Kiddy deliver...eweeee  I hope Annie proves to be a good kidder !!
We will be building a goat pen this coming weekend to make room for the babies !! So exciting !!

So here begins a new chapter in our lives ... Stay tuned !!

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