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Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting old ...

If someone had told me that getting old would suck THIS bad, I would have... Well I don't exactly know what I would have done, but it would have been something different.  Takin more vitamins, wore more sunscreen, something... Now I just want to take a nap ~ but I don't nap ... So !!  AND what is with the change in my usual sunny disposition?  I woke up this morning thinking of new ways to sharpen my claws. Good grief... I'm pretty sure I need medical intervention at this point.  I'm only 43, well almost 44 and I'm not holding up as well as I thought I would be.

Maybe it was the 25 years of martial arts, or the massive crashes I have taken on my horse, or the epic car crashes I've been in ~ whatever it is ... it sucks !! Everything hurts ~ I even have an ear-ache today !! Who over the age of 4 gets ear-aches ??

So enough about me; HEY, I heard that ... well it's my blog, who else is it going to be about ~ BITE ME !!

On to farm events:

It's TOO HOT to be out there milking Miss Kiddy.  Yes, Dan predicted that I wouldn't milk her, but he thought it would be because I would get tired of doing it twice a day ~ HA he was wrong, I never even started it !!  I have decided to wait and milk Annie.  A, Annie loves me and would be much easier to milk. B. When it is time to milk her it will be late September, much cooler and C, because that's the way I want it to be :-P ...

OK, so I am anxiously awaiting the birth of Annie's kid. She is SO big, I really hope it's just one healthy DOE. Nobody wants another stinky boy around here, I mean Buck !! Speaking of bucks, I hope MY buck aka husband finishes the buck pen for the boys this weekend.  If not, everyone should fear for his safety.  Why don't I get out there and do it, because it's way too hot and that's MEN'S work.
Oh yes, if there can be women's work, there can totally be men's work.

Are you feelin my mood yet ??

And for what ?? AN APPLE ~ When I get to heaven I will be smacking a knot on Eve's head; It wasn't even chocolate or something completely irresistible ... like .... mmmmm, German chocolate cake, molten lava cake, carrot cake, Shawna's amazing cupcakes... NO it was for an apple ... seriously ??

I'm sorry, I digressed there a bit.

Gardening front ~ Wow ... Cilantro, Basil and Parsley have gone crazy.  Corn is looking good, we have MONSTER cucumbers, and the tomato plants are rockin !!  All and all, good year.

That's all for now ~ by the way, if you don't subscribe to www.southernsavers.com you are missing out on AMAZING deals.

Oh, my Emory board is sitting right here ... mmmm ... OUCH, they are already pretty sharp ... Hey, where's Momma, haven't seen her all morning :-P

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