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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goat girl reports ...

I'm not sure I like that name "goat girl" but Dan thinks it's cute.

So the babies 'Calamity Jane & Belle Starr' are doing well, but Miss Kiddie definitely has her favorite ... Belle I watched her knock Jane around a couple times and when Jane went to nurse, MK bit her on the back. I was getting so mad at her and I kept thinking of Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest. Well I can't just let her treat CJ like that so I put a lead on her ( which she hates-tahehe ) and made her stand there while CJ nursed. CJ seems spunky and healthy so I'm sure she is feeding it just bugs me seeing how MK clearly prefers BS over poor little Jane. I almost always support the under-dog !!

Next ...for all of you that are nervous about trimming the goats hooves, don't be; it was really quite easy. I watched a couple youtube video's, this one was one of the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhiME8wedZU&feature=related
Dan held Marshal (my buck) and I trimmed away. I had procrastinated because I just
knew it would be a nightmare ~ it wasn't ... so get out there and trim those cute tiny little hooves. I REALLY need to get building that staunch stand. It just looks so barbaric with their little heads being trapped in between those slats - but ... it's how things work, so ... MAYBE I'll try to come up with a more comfortable stand.
YEAH ~ I don't care that it's been done this way for a hundred years, maybe I can be the first to come up with a cute non-neck squeezing stand. ;-)

Our next project will be to section off some land Marshal and his brother Doc AWAY from the does. With milking starting in 2 months I keep reading if the buck is too close the milk will taste "bucky" ~ speaking of Bucky, I loved him on American Idol.

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