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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's in your tub??

I almost feel like I can remove the "Newbie" portion of my blog title ...
I HAVE CHICKENS ... I'm a real, honest to goodness HOMESTEADER.
Chickens validate me :)

So Dan finally caved (ssshhhh, I told you he would) and said I could get a few :)
Few to me means 26 hehehe

I got a variety because I thought they would be both good layers as well as just being
aesthetically pleasing to look at. I got some Americano's!! They will lay different colored eggs like blues, greens, etc...

6 months... seems like such a long time!!

Note to self and whoever also dehorns/disbuds their goats:
My poor babies were in so much pain :( they looked up at the sky, and kind of acted dizzy.
I ended up giving them aspirin and they seemed much better this morning.

Next weekend we should get the garden tilled and partially planted. The seedlings are doing pretty well :)

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